About Me

They say if you do something you love then it will never feel like work.

How it all started......

I've been remaking, reworking and sometimes just making things for myself and my home all of my life.  This had been mostly out of necessity with skills I learned along the way from other very talented people.  My creative eye though comes from my Mom....she could always take any old thing and turn it into something beautiful.   Now, this is my passion.

So join me on my journey......

Having had to "make do" for most of my life has made me a believer that everyone should have access to nice things without having to spend a fortune.  Watch as orphaned pieces of furniture find new life and parts and pieces become something new in inventive and creative ways!

....and now, through photography, my journey continues as I add this new approach to share a creative perspective of the world around me.  More to come on this!