Where to find me

Junk Bash Spring Market was such great fun. Thanks to all who came!

Westgate Salon

  • Trent Plexico was generous enough to allow me to showcase some of my pieces in his storefront window!  What a great opportunity.....thanks Trent!

           Westgate Salon -  3105 West Broad St  -  Columbus 43204

Third Way Cafe

A coffee shop (and so much more) is coming to the Westgate area.  I'm super excited to partner with Third Way Cafe.  There's a soft opening this Friday 12/15.  Stop in to see what it's all about and have some great coffee.  


3058 West Broad St. - Columbus 43204


Something new!  Studio204 is a branch of River West Designs.  Third Way Cafe has been gracious enough to allow me to offer workshops and classes in their space.  Check out the Studio204 Facebook page for more information.  


I came to a little fork in the road.....

Over the past couple of years, along with repurposing furniture and other pieces, I've been honing my photography skills.  I'll be sharing some of my work here.  If you have an interest in following me down this path you can find more on Facebook....


Watch for more locations

New locations will be added as they become available so check back often!